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Axure Adaptive Widgets System Update - Support for Samsung S3, S4, HTC One

28th January 2015

You can find the Adaptive Widgets project on

You can download the latest version of the Adaptive Widgets System below:

small, medium and large adaptive view screengrabs

New version of framework.RP

You can now find the Adaptive Widgets project on

In version 0.02. I've decided to make the viewport panel in the base view 9:16 by default because of the wider support it affords for generating mobile prototypes without the need to edit the structural dynamic panels. I've also included a configuration for Galaxy S3/S4 and HTC One in the RP file which has an Initial Scale of 1.125. The latest demo uses this configuration, so will work on these devices. I'll be documenting how to make these structural panel edits and calculate the initial scale required for a range of devices in due course, or let me know if you have a specific one in mind.

I've made some minor styling updates to make it a little easier on the eye, and I've included a new generic logo.

Fixes/improvements to adaptive.RPLIB

Note the new version of the new adaptive library to be used with v0.02 of the framework.

When you drag out more than one adaptive widget onto a page, you will find the widgets overlap in the adaptive views. I've now grouped the components of custom widgets so it's easier to drag them into place in the adaptive views.

I've also noticed another wee bug where components of widgets seem to be going astray between the medium and large view. This is happening due to some undesirable effects of inheritance. This is going to be dealt with shortly.

Additional adaptive widgets

I've added a hero widget, some form widgets, and an image gallery, and come across a stumbling block, in my attempt to create some basic headings that use styles to control formatting across the views and project - see bugs below.


In trying to create some basic adaptive headings I created and applied some custom styles in the RPLIB. However, when I drag these heading out in the RP file only styles applied to widgets in the base view of the RPLIB are being imported (and applied).

I have been in contact with Axure support who say it is something they'd like to address, and they have given me a workaround; you can use the the Import from RP operation in the file menu to import any missing styles before you drag custom widgets out. However, I've decided not to incorporate this feature for now because of the complexity of the workaround, instead I've hard-selected the font-sizes and formatting in each view of the RPLIB. This doesn't permit us to retain centralised control over the formatting of these widgets after placement in the RP, which is disappointing. I'm hoping this issue can be picked up by the team as a bug before too long. Fingers crossed!

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Learning Axure RP 7 video course.

Learning Axure RP 7 by Stuart Hopper

My video course on Axure RP 7 was finally published on the 30th January 2015 by Packt publishing, called Learning Axure RP 7.

About a year's work yielded a 4 hour and 17 minute epic. It's great value for money! Go buy it from the Packt site today..