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An intro to my Axure RP Adaptive Widget Library Project

23rd March 2015

You can find the Adaptive Widgets project on

I've finally put together some documentation for Axure's first Adaptive Widget Library. This video introduces the mobile-first adaptive views I'm using, and briefly talks about how the paging & menu works, so you'll understand how to create and edit pages.
We'll drag out some adaptive widgets, and detail the issues that occur when you need to arrange how content reflows in each view. It's an issue with how the position property is adapted between views. I'll detail a fix, and hopefully, we'll be able to leave BETA status after the next release!

Find out more..

Download the adaptive RPLIB file and Framework RP and read more about it on the Axure Goodies page.

Learning Axure RP 7 video course.

Learning Axure RP 7 by Stuart Hopper

My video course on Axure RP 7 was finally published on the 30th January 2015 by Packt publishing, called Learning Axure RP 7.

About a year's work yielded a 4 hour and 17 minute epic. It's great value for money! Go buy it from the Packt site today..