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Axure RP Adaptive Widget Library launched & gets new home

22nd April 2015

It's launch time, and so I've created a new site on for the project to live on. It was just outgrowing this, my personal site.

You'll first notice the name change: Axure Responsive Design Patterns. I think this is appropriate as this is the endeavour of the project. You design to fixed widths in Adaptive Views, which is a percieved shortcoming of this feature. I'm currently documenting a technique to make your Adaptive View Designs responsive to mobile devices, and will share it shortly. In the meantime, you can go and get a taster of how the system works & the included widgets at launch time.

Axure has also been kind enough to put a link to the new site on the mobile widget libraries section of their widget libraries page, to sort of, give it their blessing. Thanks guys.

Learning Axure RP 7 video course.

Learning Axure RP 7 by Stuart Hopper

My video course on Axure RP 7 was finally published on the 30th January 2015 by Packt publishing, called Learning Axure RP 7.

About a year's work yielded a 4 hour and 17 minute epic. It's great value for money! Go buy it from the Packt site today..