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As a user experience designer I try to keep my design philsophy simple:

  1. If design conventions exists, follow them.
    Design convention is the bedrock of intuitive design. Do your research, use established design patterns, and don’t try and reinvent the wheel!
  2. If it's new, get it out there, and test, iterate, test iterate etc.
    If you're designing something novel, don’t get caught up in battles trying to get it 99.9% right. Get it to 80%, get it live, and track it/test it, get actionable insights, and then iterate.

Here are some of the thoughts and ideas that keep me up at night..

UX London 2014

30th May 2014

I attended day 2 of UX London 2014, at Trinity Laban in Greenwich, just a few minutes up the road from me. Very convenient! The theme for day two was People... read more..

A good UXer Should Put Themselves Out of a Job

20th May 2014

Is there a Maths department in your company? No? Why is that? You need people who can do maths in your company right?... read more..

More thoughts..

A little about me!

Hi. I'm Stuart, a User Experience Designer & Rapid Prototyper. I like taking things that don’t work well, and making them work well. The more challenging or fiddly the thing, the better!

I like prototyping concepts in Axure RP 7, and like using it's clever features for managing a user-centric design process.