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curator, communicator, empiricist, economist, influencer, wordsmith, mentor, & student.

Hi. I'm Stuart, a User Experience Designer & Rapid Prototyper.

I architect systems of experience and cognition, reaching the irreducible by balancing necessary complexity with simplicity. I create beauty by balancing the aesthetic with the functional.

I am currently looking for freelance opportunities. Please drop me a message or call on 07508 000701.

Axure RP Pro 7 Video Course Script Accepted by Packt Publishing

31st August 2014

I had some good news today that my 65,000 word script for the Axure RP 7 video course has been accepted and we can start recording the video... read more..

UX London 2014

30th May 2014

I attended day 2 of UX London 2014, at Trinity Laban in Greenwich, just a few minutes up the road from me. Very convenient! The theme for day two was People... read more..

More thoughts from my brain..

A little (more) about me!

I like taking things that don't work well, and making them work well. The more challenging or fiddly the thing, the better!

I strive to make interfaces and content that make people happy. I create wireframes and rapid prototype, so we don't make assumptions in the design process.

I like prototyping concepts in Axure RP 7, and like using it's clever features for managing a user-centric design process. You can find some Axure tutorials and more here..