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curator, communicator, empiricist, economist, influencer, wordsmith, mentor, & student.

Hi. I'm Stuart, a User Experience Designer & Rapid Prototyper.

I architect systems of experience and cognition, reaching the irreducible by balancing necessary complexity with simplicity. I create beauty by balancing the aesthetic with the functional.

I am currently looking for freelance opportunities. Please drop me a message or call on 07508 000701.

Axure Adaptive Widgets System Update - Support for Samsung S3, S4, HTC One

28th January 2015

In version 0.02. I've decided to make the base view 9:16 by default because of the wider support it affords for generating mobile prototypes... read more..

Added Content Sections to Adaptive Widget Library

10th January 2015

I've added some content section widgets to the adaptive widget library for Axure. We've got what we're calling a Section Pair, and a Section Trio... read more..

More thoughts from my brain..

A little (more) about me!

I like taking things that don't work well, and making them work well. The more challenging or fiddly the thing, the better!

I strive to make interfaces and content that make people happy. I create wireframes and rapid prototype, so we don't make assumptions in the design process.

I like prototyping concepts in Axure RP 7, and like using it's clever features for managing a user-centric design process. You can find some Axure tutorials and more here..